All products and services reviewed on this site are made on a personal standpoint. Judgment taken on these reviews are unbiased, honest, and based on personal experiences.

ReviewedByChavez.com never accepts paid product sponsorship. This website’s content creation isn’t funded by anything but Christian Chavez’ own experiences translated into words.

Research and Testing

Nearly every product reviewed on this website has been tested personally by Chavez. Ensuring authenticity and transparency of product reviews, verdict on reviews range from ‘highly-recommended’ to ‘not-so-recommended’ to ‘never try this’.

Other review sites only gather their information through massive research and their review posts are dependent on other existing reviews from either end-users or reviewers. Here, it’s different, a product reviewed by Chavez is a product used by Chavez.

What is a blog site with nothing but just plain product reviews? For sure, content here includes journal of the memories worth remembering. From experiencing my first heartbreak to getting my first job, I generously share personal stuff to stay away from spuriousness. Treat the blog posts here as an unlocked door to my personal life.


I trust you with the intimate bits of my life, why not partially, if not fully, trust my reviews and recommendations? You’re maybe wondering, maybe I’m just upselling products through my review posts. That is definitely not the case. Blunt is what you can call me. When a product doesn’t work for me, I would advise you to stay away from it. On the contrary, if a product works for me, then that’s where I establish the core of the review.

Readers are allowed to give this site the benefit of the doubt. But to clear and reiterate things, opinions attached to reviews here are honest, real, and non-commercial. ReviewedByChavez.com completely stays away from creating deceptive reviews.

How can you judge a review as untrustworthy and deceptive? Very simple — if it is sponsored. Sponsored reviews are fabricated reviews influenced by funds from brands. And here, we never write fake or sponsored reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ReviewedByChavez.com made for?

This site is primarily created to inform and guide readers about products and services they’re searching about.

Are the products reviewed here sponsored?

No. All products reviewed here are not paid to be written. Hence, you can expect all reviews to be trustworthy.

Does this site contain affiliate links?

Yes. Some of the links on this site drive revenue for the site. You can read more on the website’s disclaimer page.