Upwork Review – Online Jobs in the Philippines

It was about 6 years ago, I was a sophomore in college when I found out about oDesk.com (now Upwork). My writing coach told me that I could earn money writing articles online. I was ecstatic at the thought. Doing what I like while making a few bucks. I had clear but kind of ambitious vision on what was ahead of me. But… things didn’t go as expected.

Upwork Review
Source: http://www.upwork.com

The Start of my Upwork Journey

It was a pretty straightforward creating an account on Upwork. I just had to fill in information with accuracy and took the Upwork readiness test that took just a few minutes. It took me a few days to polish my account and started applying jobs on Upwork afterwards.

I was confident that I was easily going to bag jobs but to my disappointment, it was a fairly hard journey for me. It took me less than one month to get my first job. Not that bad but it could have been better.

I didn’t took much research about how to get jobs on Upwork back then. And that is exactly where I went wrong. I shouldn’t have been dependent on my own skills and knowledge (and confidence).

I’m writing this article to help you out on bagging jobs on Upwork.com. Here are some tips that sure will be handy for you. Be reminded that these are the things that personally brought success to my Upwork applications.

  • Focus on an area where you excel at. This is highly significant. If you’re good at writing then stick to it. Don’t sweat it out trying to apply for graphic designing, bookkeeping, or transcription jobs. During my first month of failed applications, I was solely applying for virtual assistant (VA) posts. In spite of having decent writing skills, I went for VA jobs. In return, I got rejected… repeatedly. Not until I started applying for writing gigs. My very first writing job application was actually a success. It was a one-time job, priced at a few dollars but that was the start of it all.
  • Do your best on your first contract. Try hard to impress your very first client. Whether it is a fixed-price or hourly contract, put your best foot forward. Why? You’re aiming for 5-star ratings and good reviews. Why do those matter? They’re simply going to make your next applications way easier. A+ rating on Upwork is equal to client’s trust on you.

Upwork Has Changed A Lot

I still have contracts on Upwork at the moment. I’d like this review to be fully transparent. I wouldn’t want anyone reading this to be given false hopes that it’s easy to strive on Upwork.

Years ago, there were less competition on contractors. Thus, it was less of a challenge to acquire jobs. Presently, there’s a lot of contractors trying to strive on the platform. With this condition, Upwork made its move to actually disable many users to lessen competition. Those affected are new accounts and accounts that had no job history.

Also, Upwork uses “connects” to apply to jobs. Before, these were given for free (60 connects and they refresh every month). Now, you actually have to buy connects.

Do I Still Recommend Upwork?

It depends, I’m an active Upwork contractor but I know that there are certain conditions on the platform that make it a bit undesirable for new contractors.

I would recommend Upwork for professionals that are of high demand on Upwork with low competition. See below for the highest-paying skills on Upwork:

Highest-Paying Skills on Upwork
Source: http://www.upwork.com

There are also Upwork jobs for beginners such as Virtual Assistance, Data Entry, Filipino Translation, Writing, etc. These jobs are harder to get but I wouldn’t say you shouldn’t try your luck out. If you have the eagerness, I would encourage you to try applying to these jobs but I would advise you to be patient. It sure would take some time and effort but with the ideal amount of perseverance, you should claim success.

If you’re in need of further help, I am more than willing to provide personal advice and assistance (for free, of course). Just send me an email via https://reviewedbychavez.com/contact/

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