Pesky Bacne | A Guide to Get Rid of Back – Acne

Acne is the gold mine in which dermatologists and skin care products acquire their wealth from. Just try thinking about the cost of toners, creams, and special soaps that you tried and still those spots on your face don’t seem to want to leave. It’s frustrating right?  But I have more bad news for you, acne can show up in places other than your face. Your neck, chest, shoulders, and back can also house those petulant little dots. Pimples on your back in particular are called “bacne”. 

Causes of Bacne

This type of acne is usually ignored since we don’t see our back that often. One moment it’s not there and two minutes after boom, your back is a map of islands. Back – acne is caused by a lot of factors. Some of the simple causes are:

  1. Diet – You are what you eat. Some Researches have shown that certain foods such as dishes that are rich in sugar and carbohydrates can worsen your acne. This doesn’t mean that you need to remove these types of food from your diet. Always remember that do everything in moderation.
  2. Stress – Most important love of all – self love. Stress is a major cause of acne. Are those deadlines making you want to pull your hair? Are you behind on your bills? These are types of situations in which you can be stressed out. So remember to take time to chill.
  3. Hormonal Changes – Not all change is good. Fluctuation in hormones is a factor that stops your skin from being smooth like a porcelain. That is why we usually start to see pimples on teenagers.
  4. Medication – “Sometimes we take chances, sometimes we take pills”. Some of the medicine we drink has a side effect that invokes acne. These are some medications that causes acne:

    – Halogens
    – Antidepressants
    – Vitamin B
    – Birth Control Pills 

How to get rid of Bacne

We all want to know who, what, where, when, and how to get rid of zits. Getting rid of bacne can be a lot trickier than getting rid of pimples on your face since you will have trouble accessing that part of your body. But the skin on your back is less sensitive that the skin on your face so you can use stronger products. Here are some tips to get rid of those things on your back.

1.  Put on CLEAN and LOOSE clothes – If your clothes starts to smell like the cheese you have on the fridge, it should be an indicator the it needs changing. Remember that bad hygiene is good for acne causing bacteria. Also make sure to use loose shirts or dresses so that the material wont rub and irritate your skin

2.  Don’t let your shampoo and conditioner run on your back – After washing your hair make sure to bow before rinsing it with water. This lessens that shampoo, conditioner, and dirt that will come in contact with your back.

3.  Wash your sheets – Makes sense right? All the drools and “liquids” that goes on your sheets, why wont you wash those incubators of bacteria. The bed is where you rest. It shouldn’t be the place where germs rest .

4.       Use Medication – I know I said that some medications can lead to acne, but there are also some pills that you can take to heal acne. Antibiotics are effective against the bacteria that causes acne. But these types of medicine usually needs a prescription. Visit your local dermatologist for more information

5. Tea Tree Oil – this type of oil is an effective anti bacterial and greatly helps with the redness of skin. Apply this on your back diluted just to be safe. Check out thebodyshop for more products and details about tea tree.

Pimples, in general, is not life threatening but it does causes insecurities in some. People think that blemishes, blackheads, or scars makes one ugly, but in reality, those imperfections, as you call it, makes a person perfect. Do not let society decide what it means to be beautiful. So, if you have a pimple on your forehead, cheeks, neck, chest, or back remember that you are magnificent.

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