My BDO Credit Card Application (As A Freelancer)

Applying for loans or credit cards is fairly hard for freelancers like me. The reason is that we simply can’t provide the required documents like BIR/tax forms, payslips, certificate of employment, etc. Even while earning a decent chunk of money, without those documents, your credit card application would most likely be rejected. BUT, I had a workaround and was able to get approved of BDO credit cards while working as a freelancer.

BDO Credit Card Online Application

BDO Credit Card Branch Endorsement

A sure fire way of getting approved for a BDO credit card is through branch endorsement. How does this work? This is only applicable to BDO account holders. If you don’t have an account with BDO yet, you must open a Checking Account/Savings Account (CASA) first before you can be endorsed by a branch manager for credit cards. This is how the process branch endorsements for credit cards goes like:

  1. Go to any BDO branch (ideally, your branch of account). Ask the branch manager that you’d like to acquire BDO credit cards. The branch manager would then have a glimpse of your CASA and make a judgment if you eligible for a branch endorsement.
  2. Once you get an OK from the branch manager. You will fill up a form for your credit card. Make sure you have a copy of some of your personal information (i.e. SSS, PhilHealth, TIN number, etc).
  3. After filling up the form, the bank would NOT require any further documents from you since it’s a branch endorsement. You’d just have to wait at least 21 banking days for the delivery of your card. You won’t be given any tracking or reference number for this. You’d just be surprised by your mailman with your BDO credit card. Sometimes, the approval and delivery process might take longer and that’s when you can call the BDO hotline for inquiries.

I highly recommend freelancers to go through this method of BDO credit card application. Although, this wasn’t the route that I took. With the pandemic going on, I decided to go apply online instead. I knew that my chances of getting approved through applying online were slim, I still had the right amount of luck and got approved.

BDO Credit Card Online Application Process

Applying for a BDO credit card only is pretty convenient and easy peasy. The entire process from the date of online application to the delivery of my card took about a month. Here’s a timeline + some details on my BDO credit card online application.

September 28 – Applied online via BDO’s website.

September 30 – Got a call from BDO. Sent my requirements via email.

October 8 – Got another call from BDO. Listened to their Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) recording. Now here comes the crucial part, I was asked to submit my payslips (with SSS deduction noted) or BIR Form 2316. I didn’t have any of those which I told the agent. The agent then just asked for my BDO account number and branch location. As per the agent, they will subject the approval of my credit card on the flow of money in my bank account. That made me worry a little and made me lower my expectations for the results

October 13 – Check my application status online through this link. Status said APPROVED.

October 14 – Got a text from BDO saying that my application was approved.

October 17 – Received my credit cards (I received two, not just one) on my doorstep. I’ve read forums online and heard several horror stories regarding the delivery of their BDO credit cards. Some waited for months due to courier issues. I’m just glad that it was a swift process for me. LBC delivered my cards and the mailman was actually pretty nice (contrary to the stories I’ve read on online forums).

Amex and BDO Mastercard Credit Cards
The credit cards I got in my mail. American Express and BDO Mastercard.

There you go, that’s how my BDO credit card application went like. I know it’s a worrisome process because of how lengthy while uncertain the approval can be. If you have any questions regarding your BDO credit card application, just let me know, I’d be really happy to help you out.

2 thoughts on “My BDO Credit Card Application (As A Freelancer)

  1. I’m still waiting for my CCs. Did you receive a text from LBC on the day it was delivered? Or did it just arrive at your doorstep? Regards bro.


    1. The mailman just suddenly shouted my name one morning in front of our gates. LBC messaged me naman saying “Your BDO Credit Card has been dispatched…” pero I got the cards first before the message.


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