How To Earn Money Online

The Covid 19 Pandemic has changed almost every norm in the world. Going to malls isn’t what it used to be, our bedrooms have been turned into classrooms because of online classes, and the computer sets we had have been transformed into our work stations due to working remotely. But unfortunately, jobs like fast food workers, service workers, and drivers can’t be converted into work at home, so people look to working using the internet, which is commonly available anywhere.

Pros and Cons of Online Jobs

I have been working online jobs for almost a year now and there are Pros and Cons in this area of work.


  • Work at your own pace

    The first online job I had is a blog content managing job. The main part of that job is to recheck the content that is to be posted and make sure that it is of quality. There is a schedule of when a post should be live on the blog but I have full autonomy of when and how quickly I do the task. Going at your own pace is very important to your mental health, especially now in this much crazy world we live in. Remember to put yourself first before anything else.
  • No boss

    Having your superior breathing down your neck and micro managing you all day can actually hurt your productivity than to boost it. Working in a non-toxic environment is freeing to the soul. Don’t get me wrong, in online work you will have a lot of clients that have many work for you to do, but these people are generally less toxic than office bosses.

  • Comfort of working in your House

    Have you ever fantasized about going to work without a uniform? Imagine going to work in the most comfortable piece of clothing you own and wearing sandals instead of those unbearable high heels. With a work at home set up you can actually work while not wearing anything. There are times that you will have an interview or a meeting with a client, but even in those situations you only need to wear a top.


  • Less interaction with other people

    Working at home can be very lonely at time, especially when you live alone. Usually your only interaction is with your client or a person designated to handle you. Your peers will not be there to listen to your rant or answer your questions, especially when you are new. But in these times, it is best that you distance yourself from other people to lessen the chance of infection
  • Absence of Benefits

    One great thing about working at an office is the perks you have. Free lunches, paid leaves, and insurances are the other things you look for other than the pay when you are looking for a job. Typically, online jobs don’t offer these kinds of benefits. Yes, you can take a day off, but the down side is you won’t be paid for that day.
  • Stability of the Job

    Tenure of a job = stable life. This is why most people want to have an office jobs because it is comparatively much more stable than an online job. But what is life without a little risk?

Ways to earn money online

  • Freelance Sites

    I got my first online job in Upwork. It was a part time jobs and I only worked when there were tasks that needed to be done. You will have a lot of competition, and you will have a hard time finding your first client. But after that first job you will get the flow of how freelancing works.

    Learn more about working in Upwork.
  • Blogging

    If writing comes to you easily, starting a blog may be the perfect online job you can jump in to. You can write about anything under the sun like food, your family, travel, and more. But don’t expect that when you write your first blog, you’ll get rich immediately. It takes time to set up a blog but patience is the key to success.

  • Vlogging

    If writing comes to you easily… wait… ohh…. Vlogging not blogging. Vlogging is basically blogging but with videos. Most people connect the term vlogging to Youtube. Youtubers earn when enough people are watching their vlogs and enough people are not skipping the ads. Youtubers can earn up to 100,000 pesos a month. But like blogging, it usually takes time for you to step into the spot light. I reiterate, patience is the key to success.
  • Set up an Online Store

    Lazada, Shopee, and FB online stores are all the craze right now. You can buy anything and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. Setting up an online shop needs a lot of preparation. What do I sell? Where do I sell it? How much of my own money should I put into this? But with the correct mindset and a concrete plan, there is no doubt that you will find success in this kind of venture.

We are all hesitant of change, but without change we would not have survived this pandemic. Working hard is very important, but I feel that working smart is much more important. With these simple tips you will be on your way to starting a new experience, new career, new life.

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