GlutaMAX Deodorant Review

If you’ve read one my of previous posts here, you should already know that I’ve got dark underarms and that I’ve been trying to lighten them. Today, I’m reviewing another product which I’ve personally tested. Keep on reading below to know how my experience with GlutaMAX Deodorant went like.

glutamax review
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What Does GlutaMAX Deodorant Promise?

GlutaMAX advertises their deodorant to lighten and smoothen your underarms while keeping you protected against bad odor all day.

A lot of underarm whitening products in the market seem to promise the same thing. I’ve just started my journey on finding which product can actually deliver results.

Verdict on GlutaMAX Deodorant

I found this product in the supermarket while I was doing my groceries. For a reason, they stood out in the aisle they stacked at. I checked out label and decided to throw the thing into my cart. Going home, I was filled with small bits of excitement as I had some hopes that GlutaMAX would work for me.

After I got home, I took a shower and applied GlutaMAX on my underarms deliberately. Of course, I wasn’t expecting any results on the first day. BUT – here comes that big BUT – I wasn’t expecting any adverse reactions to GlutaMAX as well. After an hour or two of applying the product, my underarms itched and when I checked them out in the mirror, my underarms looked like they’re about to swell. They’ve got a red big patch that definitely looked worrisome to me. Here’s a picture of how it looked like on the first night.

glutamax deodorant reaction

The morning after, the redness was still there and looked even worse. I kept calm and decided to give my underarms a rest from any products. On the succeeding days, my pits eventually became better.


Does GlutaMAX Deodorant really lighten your underarms?

In my case, I wasn’t able to continue using GlutaMAX since my pits reacted to the product negatively.

Do I recommend GlutaMAX Deodorant?

Obviously – NO. I’ve used several other products for my underarms and this has been the very first time I got a sort of allergic reaction to a deodorant.

What is the best deodorant for whitening underarm?

I still haven’t found the BEST whitening deodorant yet (for me and my armpits). But, for the time-being, I’d recommend Gluta-C Underarm and Bikini Gel.

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