Salt Water for Mouth Ulcers

There are different methods of treating mouth ulcers (canker sores), one that I find most effective (yet somehow slightly painful) is using salt water or saline solution for rinsing. Salt and water can be found in any house which makes it very accessible to anyone who have canker sores.

Saline solution acts as a disinfectant for your mouth. It increases the pH level of the inside of your mouth therefore making it less acidic and more basic. A less acidic environment is harmful to microorganisms, such as bacteria, and less bacteria in your mouth means a higher chance for your mouth ulcers to heal. To make saline solution just mix ½ tsp of salt to a cup of water then rinse it thoroughly. You can do this every few hours.

You may ask “why don’t we just use mouth wash?”. Well mouth wash commonly contains some ingredients which irritates the tissues that lines our gums and tongue which can exacerbate the mouth ulcer.  So, the next time you have canker sores just go to your kitchen and whip up this easy to use home treatment.

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